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Visual Communication does not mean “neatly” unpacking some pre-existing contents. At the Merz Academy, on the contrary, it is about authors producting their own independent achievements in communication.

This means defining questions and problems, analyzing complex issues, and translating these into communication actions by means of current media technologies. The goal is to train designers who can act successfully in various professional surroundings due to their visual education and notable media competence.

The central object of study in the Pathway Visual Communication (VK) is the conception and formation of communication that is addressed to the eye. Conception in this case means that student proposals in the courses, with respect to their cultural, social, economic, technological, political, etc. conditions, are carefully considered and understood as decisions within a great realm of possibilities. The Pathway VK is grounded in the practical processes of graphic design. This covers the areas of typography, representation/illustration, and photography as the three fundamental visual languages of visual communication. These are supplemented with spatial presentations of information (display and exhibition design), online and offline design, for instance in screen design or in the area of moving images media (animation, title design), and so forth.

The techniques of representation/illustration essentially refer to three tasks: informing, interpreting, and ornamenting. All visual signs, that is, paintings, drawings, static depictions, photos, icons, fonts, etc. can fulfill an illustrative function provided that they are anchored in a content oriented concept.

Photography, the independent creation of pictures and visual concepts, as well as the considered treatment of photographs of all genres, their placement in the context of visual communication, are all also part of the basic vocabulary of a designer.

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Visual Communication

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Visual Communication