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The program in the New Media Pathway focuses on realizing processes and interactions. Students do not simply create forms and surfaces, they also come up with tools of communication and conceive their qualities and usages.

This also always means understanding digital tools as cultural products, which can be called into question and changed according to one’s own needs. Project work is centered around actual network and interaction concepts, based on current research and reflecting visions and ideals of design and networking pioneers. Open source ethics and do-it-yourself principles also play an important role.

Alongside seminars in web design and application development, there are also courses in computational design, immersive environments, spatial interaction, interfaces and apps for mobile devices, as well as physical computing. Students receive continuing technical training and deal with the theory of digital aesthetics, the history and perspective of computer culture, and the foundations of visualization and interaction.

Due to the close alliance between teaching and research, students can participate in national and international interface design research projects. Thanks to the good connections with local and European art institutions, students take part in exhibitions and festivals, getting to know the most important venues and artists.

The program allows graduates to work successfully and innovatively in design, web, game, and interaction design agencies worldwide. Further professional fields can be found in research (for instance at the Fraunhofer Institute), internet and media art, and software development.

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New Media

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