Information Incomings

Information Incomings

The Merz Akademie, university of applied art, design and media in Stuttgart welcomes exchange students from all over the world through the support of the exchange programs Erasmus+ or the BW-Stipendium.

The university sees itself as an experimental think-tank that allows its students to integrate their cultural, social and theoretical interests with their design study. The students create independent, relevant content such as films, new media, or traditional media of visual communication that enables them to design and transmit their own ideas and inclinations.

Our study programs include the Bachelor of Arts program “Design, Art and Media” where students develop competence in these three study areas to combine art with theory and technology in novel ways and learn to transfer their knowledge into innovative projects.
In addition, we offer a Master of Arts program “Knowledge in Design, Art, and Media” where students are challenged to engage in their own artistic research projects within the three study areas in order to encourage self-confidence both in their thinking and their own individual creative practice.

Student life on campus creates a vibrant atmosphere that is driven by the studies, creative work and social life. Public events such as exhibitions, conferences, lecture series, symposia and design markets are held regularly every semester. International guest professors are integrated into our study program each semester to teach and conduct creative seminars and projects.

For further information or questions concerning our exchange programs and the opportunity to study at the Merz Akademie as an exchange student, please contact the International Office.

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